Medical affairs


Medical affairs teams have become the driving force behind impactful communications; we support them across the full spectrum of their activities, harnessing data to educate physicians, patients, regulators and policymakers.

Strategic consultancy

All successful planning begins with clearly defined strategy. We combine a robust process with our wealth of experience to help you crystallize your goals and develop an effective strategic plan.

Commercial and marketing


An effective go-to-market strategy and launch plan must address the needs of all of the external stakeholders who determine the commercial viability of your product.


Peer-reviewed publication planning and delivery remains the cornerstone of evidence-based medicine and is essential to all aspects of HealthScience.

Value demonstration


Successful patient access requires an integrated approach to demonstrating product value, using robust evidence and compelling communications to inform healthcare decision-making.

Medical communications

Our approach to medical communications is a straightforward one: ensure that the right evidence reaches the right audiences at the right time.

Real-world evidence


Real-world evidence of the effectiveness, safety and value of new healthcare interventions is increasingly required throughout their life cycle.


Supporting our client-focused delivery teams in running seamless and comprehensive medical communication meetings, including standalones, symposiums and advisory boards, as well as a range of internal company events.

Rare diseases


Rare and orphan diseases pose unique challenges for patient management, drug development and market access – yet the key to success is simple.


Getting the online/offline multichannel mix right is crucial in reaching and engaging your audience. We use the latest data-driven approaches to activate your evidence.

Patient engagement


Patient engagement provides insights that lead to better treatments and communications that patients value.

Internal capability building

The healthcare sector is bursting with innovation, and we enjoy helping our clients to build the new skills and systems that they need to succeed.



Bringing new medicines to the world in areas of unmet medical need now has political as well as scientific and economic dimensions.

Innovative solutions

We are continually developing innovative tactical and strategic solutions to enhance and extend what we do for our clients, including exploring cutting edge technologies.